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By Marvin Berglas

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Allow the handkerchief to fall open, with the sweet hidden at the rear. Lift the handkerchief and repeat the above movements until you have produced numerous sweets. Then tip the box to show they have vanished. Spotted Effect: You predict the numbers on two dice. Secret: On a postcard write the numbers four and five. Place the card in an envelope. Glue two dice in one end of the drawer of a large matchbox with the four and five spots uppermost. Put two loose dice in the other end of the drawer.

Match Restoration Effect: A matchstick is broken in half then magically made whole. Secret: You need a handkerchief with a matchstick hidden in its hem. A match is taken from a matchbox and wrapped in the handkerchief. Ask a spectator to break the match through the material but make sure it is the one hidden in the hem that he breaks. Shake out the handkerchief and the match just removed from the box falls out. Casually put the handkerchief (with the broken match concealed in the hem) back into your pocket.

If you are left handed, you may find that the trick works better if the positions of the coins are reversed. Food And Drink Effect: From cards bearing the names of foods, you pick out the odd card on which is written the name of a drink. Secret: You need six blank cards, one of which is fractionally longer than the others. Hand five cards to spectators and ask them to write down foods. The long card is handed to someone with the request that he write the name of a drink. The cards are mixed up and handed back to you.

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