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This ebook serves readers who are looking to enhance the size and conversion abilities they should be successful in school and on exams. the 10 sections of this e-book make sure that readers perform various questions together with perimeter, zone, quantity, and angles. With over 500 perform questions, this publication is an important instrument for college kids who have to enhance their math abilities to move tests very easily.

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A. 12 in2 b. 18 in2 c. 36 in2 d. 72 in2 e. 144 in2 71. A stop sign in the shape of a regular octagon has an area of 160 cm2. If the length of the apothem is 10 cm, how long is one side of the sign? a. 2 cm b. 4 cm c. 8 cm d. 16 cm e. 32 cm 72. If the circle below has a radius of 10 m, what is the area of the circle? r = 10 m a. b. c. d. e. 10 m2 10π m2 20π m2 100 m2 100π m2 31 Team-LRN 501 Measurement and Conversion Questions 73. If the diameter of a circle is 11 inches, what is the area of the circle, to the nearest tenth?

Cubic inches c. cubic feet d. cubic miles e. cubic mm 48 Team-LRN 501 Measurement and Conversion Questions 90. The trailer of a truck is a rectangular prism that measures 20 feet by 8 feet by 10 feet. Find the volume of the trailer. a. 1,600 ft cubed b. 160 ft cubed c. 80 ft cubed d. 38 ft cubed e. 200 ft cubed 91. What is the volume of a sphere with radius 6 inches? 14 for π. a. 1,296 inches cubed b. 32 inches cubed c. 24 inches cubed d. 216 inches cubed e. 72 inches cubed 92. An ice cream cone has a diameter of 4 cm and a height of 10 cm.

Since the height is not known, the area of this triangle cannot be determined. 1 51. c. Use the formula A = ᎏ2ᎏbh, where b is the base of the triangle and h is the height. Since the area is given and the base is 16 in, substitute into the formula to get 44 = ᎏ12ᎏ(16)(h). Multiply each side of the equation by 2 to eliminate the fraction; 88 = 16h. 5 inches. 52. b. Since one dimension is doubled, there is an additional factor of 2. Therefore the new area is twice as large as the original, or doubled.

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