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By Richard Smith

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We - T R suffix pronoun 2nd person pi. you T R - , T O O T ^ V. , how? eTCJUN to what place? RTCJUN where? € B o x TCJUN from where? TCUN in t'T'^^N fight, argue; m. argument, quarrel TcucDN V. T c u o y R arise TANO [TeNO,TeNe-],TANO^ make, producc T H N C m. dam, dike [peqTAMO f M C , TiMC, [THNe ] V. T H y T R TcuNoy,TONcu ce TcuNoy you pi. vcry, greatfy yes indeed ) 33 Tpe^ T N O M V. T X O M TNNO futTOW [ T A N O ] , T R N O ^ , TNO'^, TNNHy^ eRo, TRNOOY TONTR e f l o ^, e R HY ^ [TffNoeiTt] pound, trample crush [ T N N A Y ], T N N e Y TRNOOY*^ send (caus.

MNTpeey pMNTpe Mice 16 m, birthday yow«g ( a n i m a l ) MAce m. calf, kid, young animal MHce f. usury, interest M H C o p H n a m e o f 12th Egyptian m o n t h MecicjD f. midwife, nurse 200Y RMice,20Y'^'^^ MAC m. MACT- Mocre M e c x e , f. M e c T H MeceHT, MecTR^HT M H T , f. M H T e , MRT - n. f. Ra) hate; m. hatred hated person chest, breast ten m. road, path lead, guide JCAyMoeiT m. leader, guide (jci) MoyT m. sinew, nerve MOTe m. neck, shoulders MoeiT [MACIT] JCiMoeiT (^HT*^) reach, attain, meet, enjoy approve, consent; assent M A T e [ M C T e ] in C M A T e , M M A T e very much, really MATe inMMATe,eMATe only, merely M A T O i [ M A T A C I ] m.

Redeemer bringbuck c T 0 1 " , c - m . smell,fragrantplant c f N o y q e [ c f N o y B c ] m. perfume, incense cfBcuoDN m . stench CCDTR, C C T R c o T M ^ [ c A T M ^ ] ( c -) hear, listen to; m. TCTo 29 CAq CCJDTR R CCUTR obey obey disobedient obedient (CSTRZ^'^) RcA-,Nca>^ ATCCDTR CTRHT ca>Tn,C€Tn-, coTn=^,coTnt [ c A T n t , c A . stater, coin {aTQLTf\p) CTCJDT tremble; m. trembling c a > T q , c e T q - , c o T q * ' , c o T q t be pure, clear, purify; m. purity C T e i c D ^ e , c T c u ^ e acre v.

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