New PDF release: A Designers Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers

By Charles Kitchin and Lew Counts

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A Designers consultant to Instrumentation Amplifiers, written via Charles Kitchin and Lew Counts, offers a entire evaluate of Instrumentation Amplifier know-how and alertness.

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Figure 5-9. Using External Components to Increase Input Protection Despite their limitations, external diodes are often required in some special applications, such as electric shock defibrillators, which utilize short duration, high voltage pulses. The combination of external diodes and very large input resistors (as high as 100 k) may be needed to adequately protect the in-amp.

Single supply. com for latest products and specifications. 2 At 1 kHz. RTI noise = ÷(eni)2 + (eno/G)2. 3 Operating at a gain of 20. 4 For 10 kHz, <2 k source imbalance. 5 Referred to input: RFI. 6 Operating at a gain of 50. 7 Operating at a gain of 1. 8 At frequency = 4 MHz. 9 At frequency 10 kHz. 1. 11 For 1 kHz, 10 kHz. 12 DC to 10 kHz. A1 A2 +VS 3 6 RB +IN 8 RA RA AD8202 G = 10 RC + – + – RG RB G=2 A2 100k A1 –IN 1 4 RG 5 RF RF RC 2 COMM Figure 4-1. AD8202 Connection Diagram 4-1 As shown in Figure 4-2, the preamp incorporates a dynamic bridge (subtractor) circuit.

5-4 Table 5-2 provides recommended series protection resistor values for a 10% or 40% increase in circuit noise. Table 5-2. 87 k It is a good idea to check the diodes’ specifications to ensure that their conduction begins well before the in-amp’s internal protection diodes start drawing current. Although they provide excellent input protection, standard Schottky diodes can have leakage up to several mA. However, as in the example of Figure 5-9, fast Schottky barrier rectifiers, such as the international rectifier type SD101 series, can be used; these devices have 200 nA max leakage currents and 400 mW typical power dissipation.

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