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By Zard S.Z.

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This sequence is designed to supply a motor vehicle during which investigators, who've verified a excessive measure of competence in a few point of loose radical chemistry, can current a selected niche. The sequence includes a big variety of themes that are of present curiosity.

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Its conformation at the active site is known. *^ More is known about radical 3 than about any other substrate-based radical in any other enzymatic reaction. Furthermore, we know more about radical 3 than is known about 20 PERRY A. FREY and SQUIRE BOOKER l»2 ' • ' ' ' ' • ' ' 3150 3200 3250 3300 Gauss Figure 6. Effects of H and C at C3 of 4-thialysine on the EPR spectra at the active site of LAM. Procedure as in Figure 4, with 4-thialysine in place of lysine. A, 4-thialysine; B, 4-thia[3-^H2]lysine; C, 4-thia[3^C]lysine.

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