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Ask the child to point out the differences between an index and a glossary. ) 44 learn more about THE SOLAR SATURN the solar SYSTEM system BOOKS Jackson, Ellen. The Worlds around Us. Minneapolis: Millbrook Press, 2007. This illustrated book is for anyone who wonders what it would be like to visit Earth’s neighbors in the solar system. McCarthy, Meghan. Astronaut Handbook. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2008. Funny illustrations help show how you would train to go into space if you were an astronaut.

Telescopes are instruments that make faraway objects look closer. Telescopes helped astronomers discover Uranus and Neptune. But these scientists still had many questions about Earth’s neighbors. 38 People began to send spacecraft from Earth in the 1940s and 1950s. These machines travel to outer space. They carry cameras and other tools. Some spacecraft have even carried astronauts (A-struh-nawts). Astronauts are people who explore outer space. Astronauts have gone as far as the Moon. Astronauts first landed on the Moon in 1969.

But it is still thirty-three times bigger than Earth. Thin rings circle Uranus. They are not wide or bright like Saturn’s rings. So they are difficult to see. At least twenty-seven moons also orbit Uranus. Uranus spins at a different angle from the others in the solar system. The planet spins sideways. Astronomers think a large object crashed into it long ago and tipped it on its side. Thirteen rings circle Uranus. 32 Neptune looks like a big blue ball. Methane gas in its atmosphere gives Neptune its unusual color.

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