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I thee take, yet! How informal could you get? And didn't the man, or even the man's parents, have anything to say about it? In all his readings on far-out societies, and they had some dillies in United Planets, Guy Thomas had never run into one quite this cavalier. " he blurted to Podner, in protest. " They were nearly to his door. "Why's it so easy for a…a warrior to latch onto any man who comes along? " "Oh dear," Podner sighed. "It's so hard to realize you aren't familiar with our ways. It seems so natural to me.

Podner Bates made a gesture with his limp hand. "Oh, you know how it is with social movements. When the founders of this colony were recruiting the woman necessary to populate the new world, they needed all sorts of slogans and symbols. Since they were so staunchly feminists, what better symbols could they have used than the ancient Amazons? Frankly, darling, I think they've done remarkably well at this sort of thing. It's really quite inspiring, all the pomp and parade and all. The youngsters just eat it up.

She scowled down at it. "I wouldn't think so. " He followed her out of the suite and down the stairs to the entry. It occured to him that thus far he had seen none of the inhabitants of this bachelor's sanctuary save Podner Bates and the boy who had wheeled in the breakfast tray this morning. That had strange aspects, there were a good many apartments in the place. Was he being kept secluded? Clete and Lysippe were awaiting them on the sidewalk before the sanctuary, both gave him a leering grin.

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