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By Mark Bishop

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5 Common Elements According to the expanded model, each atom in a metallic solid has released one or Objective 27 more electrons, and these electrons move freely throughout the solid. When the atoms lose the electrons, they become cations. The cations form the structure we associate with solids, and the released electrons flow between them like water flows between islands in the ocean. This model, often called the sea of electrons model, can be used to explain some of the definitive characteristics of metals.

This text will use this numbering convention most often. Groups A and B: Some of the groups are also commonly described with a number and the letter A or B. For example, sometimes the group headed by N will be called group 15 and sometimes group 5A. The group headed by Zn can be called 12 or 2B. Because this convention is useful and is common, you will see it used in this text also. Some chemists use Roman numerals with the A- and B-group convention. Noble gases Halogens Alkali metals Alkaline earth metals In short, the group headed by N can be 15, 5A, or VA.

2 The physicists will tell you that the proton and neutron are themselves composed of simpler particles. Because it is not useful to the chemist to describe atoms in terms of these more fundamental particles, they will not be described here. Objective 20 48 Chapter 2 The Structure of Matter and the Chemical Elements The Electron If I seem unusually clear to you, you must have misunderstood what I said. S. Federal Reserve Board’s monetary policy, but it is still a significant challenge. We do not think that electrons are spherical particles orbiting around the nucleus like Objective 20 planets around the sun.

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