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Instead of the two geometrical factors there are six 33 RADIATION for three surfaces, twelve for four, and so on. , is simple; the net heat transfer from A1 is given by taking them in pairs: [H/T] q=A1Fi2a(T1*-T2*) + AiFi3a(T1*-T3*) + ^1^14σ(Γ14-Γ44)+... = (AlFi2 + AlF13 + A1Fit+ .. ) + A3F3iT3* + A4JFA1T^ + . . 21) in other words, the net loss of heat from A± is equal to the total rate of emission from A1 minus the sum of the contributions it receives from the other surfaces. More general problems of heat exchange between a number of surfaces are outside the scope of this book.

4. The isotherm-heat flow diagram. = QR + SP. The diagram is therefore redrawn, until by trial and error the best arrangement has been obtained. The second attempt in Fig. 4 is much nearer to the correct solution. (It will be observed that the shape of the body is symmetrical about the line X-X, so that only half the diagram need be drawn. ) All lines must be continuous, so that if three isotherms are drawn between Y- Y, the same three must pass between X-X. Now consider, in the second diagram, the heat transfer through the quadrilateral ABCD (per unit length perpendicular to the paper).

The curves represent various values of the temperature fraction (0-0o)/(0i-0o). An example is shown in Fig. 5; it gives the temperature of the mid-plane of the slab. Similar charts are available for two-dimen­ sional flow in an infinitely long cylinder, and for three-dimensional 54 INTRODUCTION TO HEAT TRANSFER flow in a sphere; the symmetry of the flow pattern makes it possible for these to be treated as special cases of linear flow. These charts are very convenient and precise, but their use is naturally limited to the particular type of problem for which they are intended.

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