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F r o m w h a t has been said, it is clear t h a t strict chemical proof of the function of the co-ordinated water can be carried out only on compounds of those elements whose tendency to form complexes is great enough to preserve the acidopentam­ mine (and similar) complexes in solution. B y analogy, it is reasonable to assume t h a t in the salt, MgCl 2 • 6 H 2 0 , the water molecules are bound to t h e magnesium ions to form t h e complex ion [ M g ( H 2 0 ) 6 ] + + , and the s t r u c t u r e of the h e x a h y d r a t e of magnesium chloride can be expressed b y t h e formula [Mg(H 2 0) 6 ]Cl 2 .

In describing these concepts, it is necessary to give a great deal of attention to the foundation of the co-ordination theory and to the conclusions which are derived from it. In consequence, the material in this section is limited to that which is necessary for an understanding of the reasons for the evolution of the co-ordination theory and of its advantages over older theories. For the purpose of illustration, use is made of the compounds of trivalent cobalt as before. If an ammoniacal solution of cobalt chloride which contains a large excess of ammonium carbonate is oxidized by bubbling air through it, a carmine compound crystallizes from the solution in the form of rhombohedric plates.

For example, not all of t h e chlorine in [PtCl 6 ] = is replaced immediately b y ammonia molecules. I t is a p p a r e n t t h a t t h e probability of isolating inter­ mediate products will be related t o t h e stability of t h e initial complex. Thus, t h e acidopentammines should be intermediate products in t h e synthesis of t h e hexammines from ammonia, or from t h e amines, and complexes of the double salt t y p e . I n order t h a t the acidopentammines be obtained b y t h e action of ammonia, amines, or a n y neutral molecule on t h e salt of some metal, it is necessary t h a t t h e starting material be characterized b y non-ionic bonds between the metal a n d t h e anions.

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