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By Stanley Schmidt: Editor

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A firm, strong hand. ” I think I nodded. Things got very fuzzy after that; I fell into a deep sleep. I dreamed Kristine had slipped into my bunk, lay on top of me and began to make love to me, but Zander interrupted us to ask why we were going to Antarctica, so Kristine pushed herself up to answer him and broke in half, making a huge mess of blood and bone chips and intestinal matter, which began to float around the small cubical getting on everything. I opened my eyes and started to scream; but I was in a clean bunk room, wrapped in sheets and strapped down, in free fall.

Captain Martinez pulled me down. “The propellants, they are hypergolic. ” The boom arrived right on cue. Then the wind halted eerily and a white snow started falling on us that was somehow different. I took a mitten and glove off to feel it; it didn't melt, but crumbled into a fine white powder. “Titanium oxide,” I guessed out loud. Much of the ship's exterior had been made of titanium. The whine of turbines announced that our visitors were on the move again. We waited for five minutes and poked our heads up.

Kristine's would be identical. Two I-Vs, three patients—I would have to do some kind of triage. “I can give you a hand,” Reynolds said. ” Another kind of triage. If we didn't get the spy robots powered up and out of here soon, we'd all likely get killed. He seemed to understand what I was thinking and shook his head. ” I nodded. ” Two men and a woman were still unconscious. They were on their backs, and covered. The readouts from the sensors Kristine had attached showed their body temperatures were still depressed about five degrees Celsius.

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Analog Science Fiction and Fact, July August 2003 (Volume CXXIII, No. 7 & 8) by Stanley Schmidt: Editor

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